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0.07 11mm D Curl Eyelash Extensions - Miss Lil USA
0.07 11mm D Curl Eyelash Extensions - Miss Lil USA

0.07 11mm D Curl Eyelash Extensions


If you work as a professional and provide this service to your clients, you will like our 0.07 11mm D Curl eyelash extensions. The 0.07 thickness and 11mm length D Curl Eyelash Extensions offer a combination of features that contribute to a bold and glamorous look. The D curl represents a high level of curvature, providing a dramatic lift to the lashes, resulting in a more noticeable and eye-catching appearance. The 0.07 thickness strikes a balance between being fine and lightweight while still offering enough volume to create a lush and full look. Because of the premium materials used, they will last a long time, and the lightweight design won't make your lashes feel heavy. Our 0.07 D Curl 11mm eyelash extensions are versatile, making them suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions.

These D Curl lash extensions give the outer corners of the eyes a pronounced lift, which results in an eye-catching and glitzy appearance. Whether you're aiming for a more natural appearance or a bold and dramatic statement, these lashes strike the perfect balance. If C curl lash extensions are more natural and a great starter curl for a client's set then D Curl is more dramatic and will help create that lift—it is more dramatic than if you curled the natural lashes with an eyelash curler. You can visit our WHOLESALE store for wholesale prices.


  • Deep black color
  • Great flexibility and softness
  • Rows with the most used lengths.
  • Easily removed strips.
  • Length - 11mm

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