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About us


Hello, awesome customers, welcome to Misslilusa! I’m Lilit, the Co-Founder and managing partner of Misslilusa. Our brand is a product born out of love and commitment to keeping a promise. When we were still dating my husband, he always shared his vision of opening a beauty business and promised that the brand name would be in my honor. After we moved to the USA, he started the business and derived the brand name from my name as he had promised! 


For over the ten years that we have been in the beauty business, we have continuously devoted ourselves to beauty. We purpose to be a sanctuary of beauty and a leader in the market with the best quality makeup brushes and reusable Faux Mink Eyelashes. Because we value your beauty and know how important the beauty products you use are to you, we have positioned ourselves to be your most trusted partner in nurturing your beauty. We emphasize on the effectiveness, virtue, and dependability of our cosmetic products. 


At the core of our business is the love and passion for celebrating beauty, the ceaseless effort to inspire confidence and joy, and the commitment to guarantee our customers’ safety. We take all our products through stringent quality control measures to safeguard your safety and satisfaction with their quality value and enticing aesthetic appeal. With our brushes and lashes, you can’t help but feel your beauty pampered. My husband heads the design and creative department, while I’m in charge of management and customer experience.


We consistently seek to enrich your experience with our products by providing all details you need when making your purchase and answering your questions satisfactorily. We ship our products worldwide. We believe in your beauty! Shop with us today!