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0.03 Mix C Curl Lash Extensions - Miss Lil USA
0.03 Mix C Curl Lash Extensions - Miss Lil USA

0.03 Mix C Curl Lash Extensions


Eyelash extensions have become a popular beauty treatment in recent years, and if you are a professional, who offers this service to your clients, then you will love our 0.03 Mix C Curl lash extensions. These high-end eyelash extensions provide a subtle, glamorous look for any special occasion or everyday wear. The high-quality materials mean they will last, while the lightweight design won't weigh down your lashes. These C Curl lashes create a lifted look and make eyes pop up without being too dramatic. For a more dramatic look please check out our D Curl lash extensions. These C curl eyelash extensions that come in different lengths, have a gentle curve that resembles the letter "C." They are often used to mimic the natural curvature of most people's lashes, making them a versatile choice for a wide range of clients. Our Professional eyelash extension mixed-length trays are perfect for lash stylists as well as for those who host lash extension training courses. Please visit our WHOLESALE store for wholesale prices. 


• Deep black color
• Great flexibility and softness
• Rows with the most used lengths.
• Easily removed strips.
• Length - 6mm-16mm