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0.03 Mix CC Curl Lash Extensions - Miss Lil USA
0.03 Mix CC Curl Lash Extensions - Miss Lil USA

0.03 Mix CC Curl Lash Extensions


In recent years, eyelash extensions have gained immense popularity as a sought-after beauty treatment. If you're a professional offering this service to your clients, you'll find our 0.03 Mix CC Curl lash extensions to be a perfect fit. These premium eyelash extensions deliver a subtle yet glamorous look suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions. Crafted from top-notch materials, they guarantee durability, and their lightweight design ensures your natural lashes won't feel weighed down. The CC Curl style enhances your eyes, creating a lifted appearance without going overboard. For a more dramatic effect, consider exploring our DD Curl lash extensions. These CC curl eyelash extensions, available in various lengths, boast a gentle curve resembling the letter "C." They're frequently used to mimic the natural curvature of most people's lashes, making them a versatile choice for a diverse clientele. Our mixed-length trays of professional eyelash extensions are ideal for lash stylists and those conducting lash extension training courses. Be sure to explore our WHOLESALE store for discounted bulk pricing.


  • Deep black color
  • Great flexibility and softness
  • Rows with the most used lengths.
  • Easily removed strips.
  • Length - 6mm-16mm

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