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0.07 10mm C Curl Eyelash Extensions - Miss Lil USA
0.07 10mm C Curl Eyelash Extensions - Miss Lil USA

0.07 10mm C Curl Eyelash Extensions


In recent years, eyelash extensions have gained popularity as a cosmetic procedure. If you work in the beauty industry and provide this service to your clients, you will love our 0.07 10mm C Curl eyelash extensions. These lightweight and comfortable lash extensions are designed to enhance your client’s natural beauty, creating gorgeous, long-lasting volume without the mess or hassle. The high-quality materials mean they will last, while the lightweight design won't weigh down your lashes. These 0.07 C Curl lashes create a lifted look and make eyes pop up without being too dramatic. For a more dramatic look please check out our D Curl lash extensions. These 10 mm C curl eyelash extensions have a gentle curve that resembles the letter "C." They are often used to mimic the natural curvature of most people's lashes, making them a versatile choice for a wide range of clients. Our Professional eyelash extensions are perfect for lash stylists as well as for those who host lash extension training courses. Please visit our WHOLESALE store for wholesale prices.


  • Deep black color
  • Great flexibility and softness
  • Rows with the most used lengths
  • Easily removed strips
  • Length – 10 mm.