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PRO BOND Clear Lash Adhesive 5 ml

Extremely fast drying glue-only for professional lash masters.

Perfect viscosity for one-by-one lash extension and volume lash extension. Sticks really well like magnetic.

COLOR: Clear

DRYING TIME: 0,5-1 seconds


  • Shake glue over 20-30 times to mix the contents, and squeeze a drop of glue on surface with a right forming angle.
  • After using, please wipe off the glue on the nozzle and inside of lid and crew on the lid firmly.
  • As a general rule, unopened glue best shelf life is 3 months. Opened glue should be consumed within 1 month(But according to the circumstance of store, shelf life can be 6 months for unopened glue, and 3 months for opened glue).
  • Write down the date of purchase and the date of opening the glue.
  • It is ideal to maintain the room temperature at 20 °C- 25°C and 40~70% humidity during the application. We do not recommend to use too cold place under 20°C.
  • Avoid high temperature and humidity and store glue in a dark, cool place.
  • Ventilate the work place regularly. Stuffy air condition reduces the adhesive of glue.
  • Do not recommend to divide the glue to other containers.
  • Air Blower, mini fan, nano mister will help to get the fast drying time (after the last expansion is done).

Product Note:

Do not use this adhesive if your clients are allergic to any lash adhesive, have had an allergic reaction to lash adhesives in the past, or allergic to cyanoacrylate. Symptoms include swollen eyes, itchiness, severe red eyes, soreness of the eyelids, and discharge of the eye.